Please read instructions carefully:

Passport Application should be witnessed by a person in one of the following categories to whom the applicant is personally know.

  1. A Senior Clergyman or Woman
  2. A commissioned officer of the Armed Forces ( Captain and above); or persons of equivalent rant in the security services
  3. A Senior Civil or Public Servant (Principle Executive officer or above).
  4. A Registered Medical Practitioner.
  5. A Solicitor or Barrister.
  6. Head of a recognized Educational Institution.
  7. Other recognized professionals registered with their respective regulating bodies. (eg.NOTARY SERVICE)
Application and Service Fees
New and Renewal $130.00
Lost or Missing ( Police Report Required)$230.00
  1. Applying for Ghana Passport: Please complete all applicable fields in BLOCK LETTERS ( CAPITAL LETTERS)

2. Guarantors, Witness should complete, date and sign application form

3. Two(2) passport size photographs with white background.

4. Do not bring Pictures if you are to appear in person

5. Applicants must appear in person to complete application process.

6. Appearance is by appointment only.